Wednesday, March 31, 2010

10 Downing Street petition to get palm oil declared on products

Not sure if you already know or not, but someone set this petition up

To make it compulsary for manufacturers to have palm oil clearly laballed.

"We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to make it compulsory for companies to label 'palm oil' clearly in their ingredients".

More details:

Currently, far too many companies are labelling 'palm oil' under complicated, unrelated names or simply as 'vegetable oil'. This leaves the customer with no freedom of choice as they simply do not know what they are purchasing.

People should have a right to cut out non-sustainable palm oil from their lives if they so wish. Currently, this is impossible due to misleading labelling.

Prime Minister, please make it compulsory for companies to label palm oil clearly and differentiate between whether it is 'sustainable' or 'non-sustainable'.

This is for the sake of the endangered orang-utan and all other rainforest inhabitants, including people, whose homes are being destroyed as a direct result of deforestation.

Their rainforest homes are being ripped down to clear space for oil palm plantations. This has to stop if these animals have any chance of survival.

Deforestation is also a huge contributor of carbon emissions, so not only is it destroying the home of those who inhabit the rainforest, it is also destroying our home...Earth.


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