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FoE upholds allegations against palm oil giant IOI

FoE upholds allegation of illegal logging against palm oil company IOI
Amsterdam, April 21th 2010 - On 26 March Malaysian palm oil giant IOI launched a press release denouncing the study “Too Green to be true” by Milieudefensie (Friends of the Earth Netherlands) as “highly selective” and “incorrectly reported”. Today FoE Netherlands has launched a 19 page long rebuttal to IOI’s press release. In the document FoE Netherlands upholds and further details all accusations that it made earlier against IOI.

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IOI is the world’s largest palm oil producer and one of the biggest suppliers of palm oil to the Netherlands. The document published today by FoE Netherlands contains fresh evidence that IOI cleared forested areas to plant oil palm trees without the necessary permissions from the Indonesian authorities. Furthermore the document details how the directors of IOI’s subsidiaries PT Berkat Nabati Sejahtera and PT Sukses Karya Sawit fraudulently signed –in July 2009- letters to the Indonesian government commission on Environmental Risk Assessment, stating that both companies will only commence activities in the ground after they obtain approval from the Governor. In reality, further investigations by FoE Netherlands has demonstrated that the companies started clearing forests before the approval from the Govenor was given.
"We stand by our allegations that IOI is involved in illegal deforestation in Indonesia and that palm oil from illegally deforested areas might end up in the Netherlands through IOI. We have handed all our evidence to substantiate this claim to the company and started a dialogue with them to ensure that IOI operates more responsibly in the future" says Geert Ritsema, spokesperson of Friends of the Earth Netherlands.
FoE Netherlands urges IOI to be more transparent and to publish more details about their operations in Indonesia. Among other things, IOI should publish their official and detailed reaction to the FoE Netherlands report “Too green to be true” which it has labelled confidential. FoE Netherlands also calls upon the company to publicly state their specified commitment to spare part of their concession area due to the existence of high conservation value areas, certain areas of peat, and local populations paddy and tree areas.
The Malaysian company IOI is rapidly expanding into Indonesia to accommodate the rising EU demand of palm oil for biofuels. This rising demand is a result of EU policy which makes it mandatory that ten percent of all car fuel will be make from biofuels by 2010. IOI is contracted by Neste Oil to deliver palm oil to newly built biofuel installations in Rotterdam. Friends of the Earth Netherlands is against the use of food crops such as palm oil to fuel cars, because this leads to deforestation, land grabbing and extra emissions of greenhouse gases.

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