Friday, April 23, 2010

Ruling under EU large combustion plants directive may force plant to switch from coal to biomass

Doubt cast over power plant's future

By Chris Tighe, North-East Correspondent

Published: April 23 2010 03:02 | Last updated: April 23 2010 03:02

The future of one of north-east England's largest industrial plants, on which thousands of jobs depend, was thrown into uncertainty on Thursday following a European court of justice decision.

The court, sitting in Luxembourg, ruled that the UK government has failed to fulfil its obligations to enforce the large combustion plants directive on the Lynemouth power plant at the Alcan smelter site in Northumberland. The ruling, against which there is no right of appeal, means adaptations costing at least £200m ($307m) will have to be made to the coal-fired plant.


The article goes on to says that switching fuel source from coal to biomass could be 'an option'.

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