Friday, October 29, 2010

Protest against proposed wood power stations in Tasmania

No Future In Forest Furnaces

27/ October/2010

Independent Forest activists painted a 20 meter slogan reading "No Future In Forest Furnaces" on prominent Hobart southern outlet Water tower.

Activists are responding to the industry push for investment into
Woodfired power development during recently announced forest
negotiations. We see this as a provocative and very unhelpful move by
forestry interests to cling to a dying woodchip industry, dragging
down Tasmania's native forests with them.

There are currently three proposals for wood-fired power stations in
Tasmania: at the Southwood facility in the Huon Valley, at Circular
Head in the North-West of the state and at Gunns planned pulp mill in
the Tamar Valley. Combined, these power stations would consume many
hundreds of thousands of tonnes of timber from Tasmania's high
conservation value native forests if they were to be allowed to use
native forests.

The Industry claims these proposed forest furnaces would produce
`green' and `renewable' energy where in reality committing to Bio fuel
development would be a dangerous step seeing a range of destructive
practices concerning both Tasmania's native and HCV forests and local

Top American Health organisations have called for a ban on new
woodfired power stations due to public health risks of particulates
and other pollution. Yet the Tasmanian government and Forest industry
continue to talk up such archaic practices as a modern new move for
the `new' forest industry.

We Urge the forest industry and the broader community to consider the
long term social and environmental repercussions of committing to
Bio-Fuel forest furnaces in Tasmanian communities.

Burning our native forests for electricity would produce similar
amounts of carbon as burning coal as well as destroying threatened
species habitat and valuable carbon sinks. We need to act now to halt
such proposals and move towards a real renewable future with
investment into legitimate renewable energy such as wind and solar.


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