Sunday, November 14, 2010

US ethanol exports fuel European unease

US ethanol market saturated. Exports to Europe benefit US suppliers with both US corn ethanol tariff (worth $7.7bn in 2009) and reduced import duties in EU if ethanol is blended with petrol at point of entry. Quantity ofcUS ethanol in EU is increasing quickly.

US corn ethanol has very poor carbon footprint due to nitrous oxide even before shipping emissions are considered.

Date: 15 Nov 2010 00:07
Subject: US ethanol exports fuel European unease

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15 November 2010
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November 14, 11:04pm
US ethanol exports fuel European unease
After a disastrous couple of years brought on by high corn prices and low demand, the US corn ethanol business has emerged as a force in global energy markets.
November 14, 10:55pm
US ethanol exports raise tax credit issue
US ethanol, subsidised as a homegrown alternative to foreign oil, is being exported in record volumes.
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