Friday, December 17, 2010

"Commercial Scale" Jatropha shipment


<an indication of the realism in the jatropha industry? This is hailed as a large shipment, but at 60 tonnes it would run a power station like W4B Bristol for only about 7 hours: annual consumption = 90,000 tonnes,

Global aviation consumes over 200 million tonnes of kerosene a year. Virgin's "biofuel test flight" in 2008 burnt 22 tonnes of which 1.1 tonne was biofuel>

<useful also to get an idea of the market price of jatropha>

Mission NewEnergy Limited (ASX:MBT), a vertically integrated biodiesel producer and one of the world's largest Jatropha plantation companies, announced today that it completed its second commercial sale and shipment of Jatropha oil to a major European customer, for use as a sustainable fuel.

This shipment, comprising 444 barrels (60 tonnes) of unrefined Jatropha oil, was three times the size of our last Jatropha oil sale. At approximately US$119 per barrel CIF Europe, the sale price represented a 34% premium to prevailing crude oil prices.

"Over the next 30 years, the acreage cultivated by Mission's farmers is expected to produce an estimated 20 million barrels of sustainable non food oil supply." said Nathan Mahalingam. "If sold at the same price, the market value of our Jatropha oil supply is over US$2.4 billion."

Mission expects to make further sales of CJO or Jatropha-based biodiesel after the 2010/2011 harvest season.


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