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DECC Youth Panel report on Energy Fairness

biofuel watch - DECC Youth Panel report on Energy Fairness

DECC Youth Advisory Panel
Energy: How Fair is it Anyway? Nov 2010

<Extracts from comments about bio-energy. Full report is 70 pages>

Bioenergy Recommendations

• To apply a holistic approach to decision making surrounding biofuels and ask
"before I decide that a biofuel should be used I must first consider the butterfly effect of that decision";
• To not allow biofuel palm oil to be used as an energy crop;
• To not allow any biofuel crop to be grown where a (rain)forest has been cleared or agricultural land used;
• Biofuels must only form a small part of the energy mix and comes from sustainable sources.

• To develop a sustainability certification process for biomass material;
• Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) should be the absolute minimum certification and the Government should not allow importing of non – FSC material for biomass;
• Biomass co-firing in coal power stations must not be an excuse to extend the life of coal power stations and allow unabated coal to be burned. The Government must introduce regulations to ensure that co-firing is used only to reduce carbon emissions as coal is phased out.

• DEFRA should continue to help landfill sites install gas generation and user facilities, and the implementation of biogas production facilities using landfill waste should be investigated;
• Efforts to reduce the amount of waste going into landfill should be ensured to take precedent, however.

Are biofuels fair?
26.3% of participants in our survey thought burning biofuels was fair.
39.3% thought it was not so fair,
21.5% unfair
13% a raw deal.

Is Biomass fair?
Opinions are somewhat divided on whether burning biomass is a fair form of energy
33.7% of people who responded to our survey thought it was fair
39.4% thought it was not so fair.
21.2% thought it was unfair
5.7% a raw deal.

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