Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Recent PQs: UCO

Lord Bradshaw (Liberal Democrat)

To ask Her Majesty's Government, in light of the estimate by the UK Sustainable Biodiesel Alliance that there is the potential to produce ten times current volumes of biodiesels from used cooking oil, what proposals they have to encourage the recycling of used cooking oil into biodiesel.

Lord Marland (Parliamentary Under Secretary of State, Energy and Climate Change; Conservative)

The Government are interested in the potential of used cooking oil to generate renewable energy and welcome evidence from the UK Sustainable Biodiesel Alliance. This is being considered alongside other evidence to determine the policy and tariffs for bioliquids under renewable energy incentives.

The renewable energy directive provides that the contribution of biofuels from waste towards national transport targets, including used cooking oil (UCO), are double counted. The Department for Transport is currently consulting on proposals to amend the renewable transport fuel obligation (RTFO). The proposed amendment will provide double support to biofuels from waste, including UCO (currently one renewable transport certificate is awarded per litre of biofuel).

Biodiesel will be supported under the renewables obligation (RO) from April 2011.

Bioliquids are being considered for inclusion in the renewable heat incentive in 2012.

The supply of UCO is currently encouraged by a duty differential. The rate of excise duty for biodiesel produced from UCO is 20 pence per litre less than the rate of duty for ultra low sulphur diesel. This 20 pence tax differential was introduced on 1 April 2010 and is set to run until April 2012.


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