Friday, May 20, 2011

ActionAid campaign against transport biofuels

ActionAid are running a texting campaign opposing the use of biofuels in UK road transport. Texts will be delivered to the Department for Transport who are proposing that we use MORE biofuels, even though they admit that sustainability is an issue.

To send in your objection, please follow these steps:

1. Type the word ACTION into a text

2. Add your message against biofuels - your own or use one of these suggestions:

- "Biofuel companies are harming poor people and the environment. Scrap the target now."

- "Biofuels are a fake solution to climate change. Scrap the target for biofuels in transport."

3. Add your name and full postcode to the text like this...

ACTION Biofuels are harming people in poor countries. Scrap the target. Joanna Bloggs, C13 9PQ

4.Send the text to 82727

To see the other messages coming in from anti-biofuel campaigners around the country, visit


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