Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Short animation about biofuels - please help spread the word

Dear friends

Today is the grand release of our new video on biofuels!  Meet our new mascots, Peter and Jane.

Animation of Peter & Jane - Stop Bad Biofuels, on         Youtube
Watch Peter & Jane: A short Film about Biofuels on Youtube
Join our Facebook page - StopBadBiofuels

Cute, no?

Friends of the Earth Europe has joined together with Transport & Environment, BirdLife, EEB, and Client-Earth to release this video.  We are calling on the EU to stop the environmental damage caused by EU biofuels targets with the help of Peter and Jane, characters in this specially-created animated short film.  The film, distributed on social networks including YouTube and Facebook, highlights the problem of so-called indirect land use change (ILUC).
  1. Watch the short video,
  2. Join the facebook page,
  3. Send the video around to your colleagues, friends, relevant email lists, and networks
  4. Support us on Facebook, and spread the word.
  5. Post a link to the video on your Facebook and Twitter accounts
The aim of the video is (1) to explain in a simple accessible way the problem of indirect land use change and biofuels, (2) raise awareness amongst the general public about some of the negative environmental and social impacts of biofuels, (3) be a tool for groups in their communications of biofuels issues.

So far we have English and French versions ready - and subtitles in French, Hungarian, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian, Slovak.  More will follow shortly.

Thanks and enjoy!


--  Robbie Blake Agrofuels Campaigner  Friends of the Earth Europe Rue d’Edimbourg 26, 1050 Brussels, Belgium Email: robbie.blake@foeeurope.org Tel: (+32) (0)2 893 1017 Skype: robbie.foee  http://www.foeeurope.org http://facebook.com/FoEEurope http://twitter.com/foeeurope  

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