Monday, December 12, 2011

Updates – and new Scottish email alert

First some updates:
  • Thanks to everybody who objected to plans for biofuel power station in Barnsley, Yorkshire. We are pleased to let you know that that planning application has now been withdrawn.

  • Thanks also to everyone who has already contacted their MP and written to the UK Government to express concerns about proposed continued high subsidies for electricity from biofuels (including palm oil) and biomass (mainly imported wood). There is still time to take part in those alerts if you haven't yet:

  • We have now got a Facebook page for Biofuelwatch: If you are a Facebook user, then it would be great if you could let others know about it.  

And a new alert for people living in Scotland:

The Scottish Government is consulting separately on proposals for future subsidies for renewable electricity, including from biofuels and biomass. They have acknowledged the limits to the amounts of biomass that can be burnt without threatening forests and they are consulting on proposals to only subsidise biomass electricity plants and possibly CHP plants below a certain (yet unknown)size. This is welcome and might spell an end to Forth Energy's big biomass plans – but public pressure will be important for that to happen. At the same time, however, the Scottish Government is proposing a major increase in co-firing wood with coal. Scottish Power – and Peel Energy if they got permission for a new coal power station at Hunterston – could in future receive tens millions of pounds in subsidies for burning imported wood with coal, thus fuelling more deforestation and land-grabbing worldwide. And what's more, the Scottish Government seems to not even have thought about the implications of offering subsidies for burning biofuels such as palm oil.

To find out more and respond to the Scottish consultation, please go to - and please help us spread the word about this alert. Many thanks.

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