Tuesday, May 28, 2013

[biofuelwatch] Re: BBC News article: Burning US trees in UK power stations-There are clean alternatives.

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Lets not forget the real concealed issues for our the long term future of our children. .  
The waste that leaves the chimneys at Drax ,(and that in the ash )is a cocktrail of up to 200 chemicals varying from incondensibles,to fine soot particles  that cause widespread damage to all the biodiversity (including humans )in regions locally ,perhaps, but certainly outside the Uk./or the USA/Canada etc ,who have no responsibility under KYOTO.
The is not just about CO2 balances and global warming due to CO2. Its more about subsidies and tax breaks arranged by the large organisations who deal in combustion through their lobbyists, to further enrich themselves and their shareholders( large financial groups mostly) with absolutely no social or moral accountability.
The real colateral issue  is about global pollution forced on others with no cost to the polluter. These  silent weapons of mass pollution,which are also accelerating ice melt,are causing worldwide problems for innocent neighbours. This  health damage is occasionally mentioned  by Health Ministers  who are otherwise too busy cutting the welfare budgets in the name of austerity.
All these colateral issues will be  swept under the carpet(like asbestos, nicotine ,pesticides,OGM  etc ) totally unnecessarily in the name of quantity beyond need. 
Today  there are available to science true non combustion clean energy alternatives. These are falsely accounted as relatively  too expensive in the short term?? .Why because political and business accountancy is based on loans, deferred debts etc . which  the gamblers of the finanfcial markets, regularly negotiate and trade through   banks,stock markets etc with ultimate recourse to  the IMFwho then demand cutbacks to the welfare budgets while insisting the highly paid and global businesses  pay less tax . 
In short financial politics has drowned out good science and common sense, which still exists in the small rural farming  communites,who live close to nature.   
Nature and true science does not function in this way and debts canot be negotiated . Time to think differently and act sensibly. The wind, tides  and photons are freely available daily  to provide all our needs ( in good prudent measure) while retaining the beauty and natural wealth we still have for a quality life for all. .
We are lucky to live in a rural area, and use solar photovoltaique ,and wind energy to provide 50% of our electricity usage. We plan to improve on this with solar thermal next year. Given, in percentage terms ,the same subsidies that wood, and  fossil fuel , burning capital investment enjoys(e.g at Drax), we could  alone or in local community networking , become totally self sufficient.. There are now available the technologies to deal with the storage of peak excesses to cover lull deficiencies in electricity,for the clean energies. .
The possibility of localised independence is real and means people can be masters of their own destiny.
That is the real fear that large global business leaders and their lackey politicians  have. . They would lose the power of control over the people.
This opinion is not a party political issue,but a real hope that true science will be properly used to re-create true democratic freedom with responsibility for our planet and all its biodiversity., as a clean industrial revolution to benefit our children and the whole of biodiversity on which we depend  .
Brian and Helen  Hurley  SW France- www.iff-riberac.fr 


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