Thursday, June 27, 2013

[Biofuelwatch] New alert: Green Investment Bank must not fund destructive biomass power station in Grangemouth

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On 3rd June, the Scottish Government granted planning consent to Forth Energy to build a biomass power station in Grangemouth which would burn 1.5 million tonnes of wood every year - most likely imported from the North and/or South America.  Now, we have found out, the Green Investment Bank is considering whether to provide finance which would allow Forth Energy to actually build the plant.

The Green Investment Bank was set up with £3 billion of public finance to support sustainable, low-carbon investments.  Big biomass, such as the proposed power station in Grangemouth, is neither: It means more forest destruction and potentially more land-grabbing for tree plantations, high carbon emissions and high levels of air pollution threatening local people's health.  And for every three trees cut down to be burned in Grangemouth, we expect that around two will be entirely wasted as uncaptured heat.

The Green Investment Bank has already co-funded Drax so that they can burn the equivalent of 1.6 times the UK's total annual wood production and continue burning large amounts of coal, too, instead of having to close down under EU regulations.  Funding for Forth Energy's biomass plans would further undermine the Green Investment Bank's credentials and undermine its stated purpose.  Please write to the Green Bank today and call on them not to fund Forth Energy's Grangemouth power station and to stop funding big biomass: .  You can find more background information on that page, too.  Please help us to spread the word about this alert by letting others know and sharing it through social media.  Many thanks.

Update: Thank you to everybody who previously wrote to the Green Investment Bank to protest about their loan to Drax.  The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS), who were copied in, have asked us to publish their response, which we have done.  We do not think that the response addresses any of our concerns - but please see for yourself: .

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