Wednesday, September 4, 2013

[Biofuelwatch] Please contact your MEPs before next week's biofuels vote

As we wrote in our newsletter last week, there will be an important vote on EU biofuels policy in the European Parliament next Wednesday, 11th September.

Sadly, MEPs won't be offered the option to vote for abolishing biofuel targets and incentives altogether.  Their best choice will be for a cap on land/food-based biofuels. However, if they vote against a cap or for a high one, the impacts on forests, people and climate will be much worse than those of the lowest proposed cap.

We would therefore encourage everybody to write to their MEPs before the vote.

Down to Earth have put together background information and a sample letter to MEPs: (also see here for a full background briefing by Down to Earth, Sawit Watch, Friends of the Earth Europe, Watch Indonesia! and Misereor:  Please note that this is not a click-on alert but relies on personal emails.

Also, ActionAid has set up a separate 'click on' alert to MEPs, with a shorter message: .  Please note that if you take part in this then you can personalise your message and, if you like, you can also add more details and information for example from Down to Earth's longer alert above.  

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