Monday, November 18, 2013

[Biofuelwatch] Please sign petition in solidarity with communities in Maranhão, Brazil threatened by tree plantations for biomass and paper

Dear all,

Thanks to everyone who has already signed this petition, which was included in our latest Biofuelwatch UK newsletter: .

We have decided to resend it as a separate alert again because not so many people have signed it yet and because traditional communities in Maranhão really need support against companies that want their lands for eucalyptus plantations for wood pellets and paper.  

Traditional communities in Maranhão's Baixo Parnaíba have been living in harmony with the region's highly biodiverse Cerrado ecosystem for many generations and they heavily rely on harvesting fruits from native trees for their livelihoods.  Their livelihoods are under serious threat as plantation companies such as Suzano Papel e Celulose are seeking to grab the land and convert it to monoculture plantations.  Already, Suzano alone has planted up to 40,000 hectares of community land in the region with eucalyptus to produce both paper and wood pellets for export, likely to the UK.  Please go to and sign a petition supporting the communities' struggle to have their rights to the land recognised, so that they can more effectively defend themselves from plantation companies.  And please help us spread the word about this petition.  Many thanks.

Please note that the petition is for individuals only - if you belong to an organisation that would like to endorse this call then please send an email to . 

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