Wednesday, February 5, 2014

[Biofuelwatch] Reminder: Please object to more subsidies for big destructive biomass in the UK

Thanks to everybody who has already taken part in our latest email alert "No more subsidies for big biomass".

If you haven't yet seen it, please go to where you will find the full background information and be able to send an automatic email to participate in a UK  Government consultation regarding future renewable electricity subsidies.

The Government has already announced that they will give greater long-term incentives (per unit of energy) to burning millions of tonnes of wood in power stations than to onshore wind and solar PV, both of which have a fraction of the land and carbon footprint of big biomass.   Now they are consulting on proposals to further advantage biomass 'combined heat and power' (CHP) plants (and possibly coal-to-biomass conversions) as a 'less established technology', whereas onshore wind and solar PV will be considered "more established".  This would create another massive advantage for big forest-destroying power stations.  Note that highly inefficient biomass power stations that use only a small fraction of their heat are being classed as CHP under government rules. Please tell the Government that their proposal is unacceptable and please help us spread the word about this alert.  The deadline is 14th February.

Many thanks!
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