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[biofuelwatch] Fwd: saving the local farmers in Cameroon

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Date: Fri, Feb 28, 2014 at 10:31 AM
Subject: saving the local farmers in Cameroon

Please save us from the evil hands of SGSOC (Herakles Farms) in Cameroon. In Nguti Sub-Division, Herakles Farms (SGSOC) is currently opening the first 2500 ha plantation block…. About 600ha of this first block already falls outside Herakles Farms (SGSOC) proposed concession limit covered by their Environmental Social Impact Assessment (ESIA). More from our web site –


Save the local farms………………….


Farming with the threats and lies - "SGSOC (Herakles Farms) always consults the communities. These are your real partners and stakeholders. We thank you for recognizing the importance of the community. In many respects, SGSOC is our own minister. It is the partner that is going to bring us the development that we need." Dr. Chief Atem-Ebako, Chief of Talangaye Village made this statement on Saturday March 9 2013 at the Kumba City Council Hall during the maiden Annual General Assembly of the association formed to ensure the smooth implementation of the memorandum of understanding signed between the company and the villages where the project is taking place.


The Voice of the Voiceless – Saving our Farming life.


Africa's primates under threat from palm oil expansion - See more at:


Cameroon activist takes on land grabber from Wall Street, now faces imprisonment - See more at:


This May 2013 German-Cameroonian a fact-finding mission to the Herakles Farms concession area has generated news coverage.  The AFP article posted was published in Les Echos. Interestingly, this article refers to “corruption” and brings up the food and drink that Herakles Farms has given communities.


Logging in the shadows: how vested interests abuse shadow permits to evade forest sector reforms in the South West of Cameroon. Read more from -


African Primate Diversity Threatened by “New Wave” of Industrial Oil Palm Expansion. Read more from -


Herakles Farms is engaged in the development of a controversial 20,000 ha oil palm plantation in the South-West Region of Cameroon that faces strong opposition from affected Communities and Farmers. See more at:


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The Voice of the Voiceless



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