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[biofuelwatch] Re: [Biomass] Half the Wood for New Hampshire Biomass Incinerator from Out of State

The absurdity of this… and when one crosses the border from NH into Maine there are signs advising no transport of firewood across borders (beetle concern).  Yet JUST at the border of NH and ME is a massive chipping enterprise and the roadsides are paved in chips spilled off the backs of transport trucks. 

On Jun 2, 2014, at 9:44 PM, Josh Schlossberg, Energy Justice Network <josh@energyjustice.net> wrote:

Half the Wood for New Hampshire Biomass Incinerator from Out of State

- by Chris Jensen, May 23, 2014, New Hampshire Public Radio

<Hemphill Power & Light 030_0.JPG>About 51 percent of the wood purchased for the new Burgess BioPower biomass plant in Berlin during its first two months of operation came from New Hampshire, according to a new "sustainability" report filed with the state's Site Evaluation Committee.


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