Friday, July 4, 2014

[biofuelwatch] Serious evidence of illegal timber exploitation by Herakles Farms (SGSOC) in South West region of Cameroon

It should be recalled that all of these started in 2009 when Herakles farms, fleeing tighter regulations in South East Asia, sought to obtain over 73.000 hectares of land to create oil palm plantations in Cameroon, notably in the Koupe-Muanenguba and Ndian divisions of the South West region. Suspicion of 'palms being oiled' came when Herakles farms was granted a land lease at 1 dollar/hectare a year, though company experts had valued it at 6.000 dollars per hectare.  At this rate, Cameroon was to lose at least FCFA 53.1bn a year to Heracles for the 20.000 hectare leased out by presidential decree. Read more -

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