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[biofuelwatch] Fwd: Debate over Use of Attributional Life Cycle Assessment Misleading in Climate Policy-Making

I have not read the articles referred to here on debate over lifecycle analyses, but looks like they may be of interest and the focus appears largely wrt biofuels. Link to articles.

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Subject: Debate over Use of Attributional Life Cycle Assessment Misleading in Climate Policy-Making
Date: August 13, 2014 at 9:12:07 PM EDT
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In a recent issue of Yale's Journal of Industrial Ecology, Plevin and colleagues presented a provocative argument against the use of attributional life cycle assessment (ALCA) "to answer the question of whether a change in energy system use results in climate-change mitigation benefits." Plevin and colleagues' discussion of ALCA and consequential LCA (CLCA) had a particular focus on climate-change mitigation and biofuels policy, but it seems clear that it is equally applicable to other policy domains. Their critique prompted several LCA and biofuels researchers to write letters to the editor.

Because the article and the series of letters is an important contribution to the on-going debate regarding the role of LCA in policy-making and the appropriate use of ALCA and CLCA, they have been assembled together and made freely downloadable for limited period.

To access the article and the subsequent exchanges, go to


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