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[biofuelwatch] Fwd: Support the Herakles Farms Sustainable Project in Cameroon with a Scream

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Date: Mon, Aug 25, 2014 at 8:35 PM
Subject: Support the Herakles Farms Sustainable Project in Cameroon with a Scream

The Herakles farm Project includes the development of a sustainable oil palm plantation in the Southwest Region of Cameroon. The entire Project site covers approximately 73,086 ha of land .This project will create roads, build schools, hospitals and employ over 10000 Cameroonians.

These developments will improve the quality of life of the local population by providing access to education, portable water supply, make health care more accessible and affordable and provide employment to the young men and women of Cameroon. However we encountered strong opposition from powerful environmental conservation groups from Europe and North America advocating extreme environmental protection measures at the detriment of human life.

Please help us in joining Cameroonians of goodwill in supporting this petition to develop our fatherland - Cameroon.


On September 17, 2009, SG Sustainable Oils Cameroon PLC (SGSOC) signed a contract (Establishment Convention) with the Cameroonian Government to develop a large industrial palm oil plantation and refinery. The Establishment Convention stipulates the conditions which apply to SGSOC activities in Cameroon and requires the SGSOC to respect the laws of Cameroon. But the same Establishment Convention also claims to take precedence over Cameroonian law as well as over certain international agreements.

With lack of transparency, human rights abuses, allegations of illegal logging, corruption and intimidation, Herakles Farms (SGSOC) was sinking as investors fled, no revenue and employees absences, with the few remaining eagerly supporters a new management was set-up (Herakles 2). The new management purchased Uniprovince in 2013 with the intention of generating substantial revenue for themselves and devotees by selling Timber logs from the concession. Herakles 2 had to surrender all the Timber logs in its concession to the government as promised. Apparently the new management did not take this kindly and so looked for another way of taking possession of the wood using Uniprovince.  The new management using the establishment to obtained a Presidential Decree to finally officialise Herakles Farms 2 presence in Cameroon. The comeback was so impressive Herakles Farms was even named to Global Exchange's prestigious top 10 corporate criminals list. The new management had difficulty with accessing cash from finance houses, but they had the Timber and corrupt contacts.

Read more - http://betockvoices.page.tl/The-Deceit-and-Cynicism-by-Herakles-Farms.htm


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