Friday, August 15, 2014

[biofuelwatch] Illegal logging of timber in Cameroon

A serious bone of contention is that Herakles Farms/SG-SOC have been engaged in illegal logging activities in the southwest region of Cameroon. But the company says it "surrendered the timber to the government and took a lower lease rate, as we are not commercial loggers… This will… add huge value to the government's timber income," Late Bruce Wrobel stated in an open letter released in September 2012.

Licence to Launder - How Herakles Farms' illegal timber trade threatens Cameroon's forests and VPA – Read more -

Betockvoices call on the authorities to investigate and prosecute Herakles Farms, Uniprovince, Chiefs, and Bureaucrats responsible for the illegal logging permit granted to Uniprovince.


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