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[biofuelwatch] Re: [Biomass] EPA: Wood Smoke Carcinogens Equivalent to Smoking 2-16 cigarettes/day

This is not an "either/or" proposition. If we don't use wood, we have to use nuclear? No way. Our state (Texas) has vast wind and solar resources and the capability of using geothermal, and although we have many vested interests who are, understandably given its wealth potential here, sadly, pushing natural gas, that day will end. Sooner than most believe. Residential and community solar are not that far from being inexpensive and easy to utilize. Just because I prefer my air quality breathable does not mean that I promote nuclear.

Alyssa Burgin

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Hi Alan,

As before, we see a bit differently when comparing big picture vs big picture.  
Take nuclear energy creating waste (plutonium) which needs to be kept "safe" for 11,250 generations. Essentially one generation of benefit and many of liability, a Faustian bargain if there ever was one. How could one compare the totality of 'consequences' between my using 10 gallons of gas (truck and chain saw) and getting my Winter's wood vs someone heating with any other source? I would love to see the comparison…. assuming it was inclusive.
PS… Consider that fire was the first form of heat and most likely will be the last…. for homo sapiens. At least that is how I see it unfolding… 

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