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[biofuelwatch] Industry PR Group: Public Opposition Spurs County to Delay New Biomass Facility

Interesting piece by industry PR group in regards to the recent successful community opposition to a biomass incinerator in Transylvania County, North Carolina by People for Clean Mountains.

I've been following this Al Maiorino for some time (he's basically my counterpart in industry, though much better paid, haha) and I wrote an article referencing his advice to industry, which gives some insights as to their strategy and how biomass opponents can avoid falling into their traps.

On a recent webinar I attended, Mairoino's advice was to 1) Dig up dirt on opponents but put it out there through a third party (has happened to me many times) 2) Sidestep environmental justice claims (which he admitted was tough to do) 3) Call out NIMBYism or contradictory stances by opposition groups opposing an energy project in their community while supporting it elsewhere 



Public Opposition Spurs County to Delay New Biomass Facility

- by Al Maiorino, September 2, 2014, Renewable Energy Magazine

Transylvania County in North Carolina is currently engaged in intensive internal debate about the role of biomass in their future. The current state of affairs began last year when Renewable Developers, a New York based LLC, proposed the construction of a biomass waste to energy conversion plant in the town of Penrose.

The new facility would utilize the pyrolysis method of conversion to turn wood chips and municipal solid waste into approximately four megawatts of renewably sourced electricity. Unfortunately, staunch public opposition lead by the NIMBY group People for Clean Mountains (PCM) immediately began to oppose the facility after it was announced...


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"Compromise is often necessary, but it ought not to originate with environmental leaders. Our role is to hold fast to what we believe is right, to fight for it, to find allies, and to adduce all possible arguments for our cause. If we cannot find enough vigor in us or our friends to win, then let someone else propose the compromise, which we must then work hard to coax our way. We thus become a nucleus around which activists can build and function." -- David Brower


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