Thursday, November 27, 2014

[biofuelwatch] Farmer Protests Spread throughout Paraguay

Farmer Protests Spread throughout Paraguay
TeleSUR. November 22, 2014

Small farmers demands relief from debts incurred due to bad harvests and hydroelectric runoff.
More than 2,000 farmers in Paraguay's northern region, who have been constructing road blockades for two weeks now, have decided to expand their protests throughout the rest of the country starting Monday.

During the meeting that took place in the San Pedro district, farmers announced that they will continue demonstrating to demand that their debts be absolved. Farmers say their debts are the result of losses from bad harvests, climate change, water overflows linked to hydroelectric dam operations in rural areas, as well as market closures.

In addition, the farmers will continue their appeal to create an government agency to support family agriculture, which they say is being overrun by mechanized farming and soy production. The small producers are also demanding help in filing legal claims to prevent their homes and lands from being repossessed.

The strikes come in the midst of ongoing revelations about collusion between the administration of Horacio Cartes and drug cartels. Legislator Arnaldo Giuzzio, a former narcotics enforcement prosecutor, exposed links between three  legislators from the ruling Colorado Party with drug traffickers during a plenary session of the National Assembly on Thursday.

Saturday's meeting was attended by Paraguay's former president and senator Fernando Lugo, as well as representatives of the Liberal Party Víctor Ríos and Salustiano Salinas, along with council members form the Caaguazú, Canindeyú and San Pedro provinces.


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