Friday, December 19, 2014

[Biofuelwatch] Please support our work over the festive period

Please support our work over the festive period
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Biofuelwatch festive funding appeal: could you help to support our work?

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We would like to thank everybody who has made donations to Biofuelwatch, supported our email alerts or helped with our work in other ways throughout the year! 

We hope you will consider supporting us over the Festive Season with a one-off donation or, if you can, with a standing order.  Any donations, however small, help us to continue and build our campaigns - such as our campaign against Drax power station (which burns more coal than any other power station in the UK and more wood than anyone else in the world), against the subsidies for destructive big biomass and against the Green Investment Bank funding non-green biomass and waste incineration projects.

Over the last year, we have seen much greater awareneess of of the destructive impacts of large-scale biomass electricity.  There have been more critical articles about Drax in particular in the mainstream media and the UK government (DECC) saw itself forced to publish a report which confirmed what we and others have long known: that cutting down trees in North America, turning them into pellets and burning them in UK power stations will be no better for the climate than burning coal over a period of many decades.  Meantime in the US, campaigners with whom we work closely succeeded in getting more than 50,000 emails sent to our government, urging them to stop subsidies for burning their trees.

But - despite all that awareness - the problem keeps getting worse.  UK pellet imports have more than doubled since 2012.  Ever more pellet plants are being built in the southern US and in Canada, threatening to decimate ever more diverse forest ecosystems.  And now Drax has its eyes on Brazil, too - having signed a sourcing agreement with a company that's expanding monoculture tree plantations.  Across much of Brazil, tree plantations are displacing communities and devastating ecosystems, especially the world's most biodiverse wooded savannah, the Cerrado.

Meantime, more and more UK communities are facing air pollution and carcinogenic wood dust exposure from biomass power stations and the infrastructure associated with them.

In 2015, we hope to build our campaign against Drax and other companies investing in destructive big biomass.  We also hope to be able to help more communities that are opposing polluting and forest-destroying biomass power plants.
If you support this work please make a donation to help it continue.
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