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[biofuelwatch] Update to my article on biomass facility fires

I wrote an article back in 2013 called "Biomass Industry Plays With Fire, Gets Burned," to track all the biomass facility fires I could find. My article has since been reprinted by industry sources as a way to keep track of their own incidents.

However, there have been so many more fires since then, that I updated the article last month, and I had to do so again today. It seems like a never ending project.

If there are any fires I missed (I'm not tracking ethanol or liquid biofuels for this article, though maybe I should), please send me info.




Biomass Industry Plays with Fire, Gets Burned

- by Josh Schlossberg, The Biomass Monitor

Smokestack emissions aren't the only public health concern in regards to biomass energy facilities. Fires and explosions have been responsible for multiple injuries and three deaths at biomass facilities over the past three decades.

As of June 2013, fires and/or explosions have occurred at 26 industrial biomass facilities, based on research from UK-based Port Talbot Residents Against Power Stations and The Biomass Monitor. Additionally, over 45 wood pellet plants and 20 wood products mills have experienced fires of varying levels of intensity and destructiveness. 

Fires at biomass facilities typically start from boiler fires, spontaneous combustion of fermenting woodchip or sawdust piles, or wood dust explosions, according to the Institution of Fire Engineers and F.E. Moran Plant Services.

The most recent biomass facility accident occurred on January 13, 2015 when...

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--   Editor, The Biomass Monitor  Editor, Energy Justice Now


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