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[biofuelwatch] Fwd: [cameroon_politics] Socapalm: Les femmes parlent de leurs misères

Face me, I face you life……….Generally housing conditions are poor characterized by congestion, poor drainage poor hygienic and sanitary conditions, poor access to social services such as water, electricity and access roads. Working conditions are poor, characterized by, low wages, poor retirement benefit schemes, long work hours, no insurance coverage for a majority of the low income and vulnerable workers, inadequate protective equipment at the job site, poor medical facilities, poor means of transportation and discriminatory working conditions amongst others. Lack of adequate income, makes it more difficult for people to feed themselves and their families.  The workers are not free to express their opinions thus suffering various forms of exploitation and oppression. The congested situation in the plantation exposes women and young girls to various forms of abuses, assaults and especially sexually transmissible infections. Besides, children pick up undesired attitudes and behaviours. More from our site -

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Cameroun: Les ouvrières de la SOCAPALM parlent de leur quotidien.
Cameroun: Les ouvrières de la SOCAPALM parlent de leur ...
« A la SOCAPALM, nous faisons la collecte des régimes de noix de palme avec les torches jusqu'à trois heures du matin » ; déclare Odette, employée. A la So...
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