Wednesday, June 3, 2015

[biofuelwatch] Greenfield, MA Biomass ordinance troubling

Biomass Ordinance Troubling

By CHARLES THOMPSON and JEFFREY HUTCHINS, May 29, 2015, Greenfield Recorder

"Proponents of the ordinance insist that it isn't about liking or disliking wood, it's about public health. They argue that an increase in the use of wood to generate heat or electricity will result in harmful emission levels, and that existing regulations are inadequate. The question of air emissions is valid to consider and showing concern for public health is an important component of responsible government.

"Ironically, the ordinance exempts residential wood burning, which is often the dirtiest of all wood energy applications. Since the ordinance only targets systems that already have high efficiency and low emissions profiles, the argument that this is about public health is disingenuous at best, and deliberatively manipulative at worst."
--   Editor, The Biomass Monitor  Editor, Energy Justice Now


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