Thursday, June 18, 2015

[biofuelwatch] Halohphyte aviation biofuel project in Abu Dhabi

A halophyte farm in Abu Dhabi will use seawater and organic waste to grow halophytes for aviation biofuel,  is linked with an aquaculture plant producing fish and shrimps.
The project is small scale, just 2 hectares. A 50% reduction on greenhouse gases relative to fossil fuels is claimed.

If the project is successful it will be scaled up to 200,000 hectares.

The Director of the Masdar Institute said that 200,000 hectares will yield sufficient halophyte fuel to fly a plane for Abu Dhabi to London and back. 

It is also claimed that between 10 and 20 halophyte farms of around 20,000 hectares would be sufficient to meet 3 -5 % of global biofuel demand.

Aviation biofuel and aquaculture project set to take off in Abu Dhabi



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