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[biofuelwatch] RESISTENCIA: Feature Doc "The Fight for the Aguan Valley" Free Online for Two Weeks

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To mark the sixth anniversary of the coup d'état in Honduras that rocked our hemisphere, I am releasing this groundbreaking documentary for two weeks, beginning on the anniversary itself.

Watch it now on the new website.


First-ever movie screening in the Confianza Plantation
First-ever movie screening in the occupied La Confianza plantation.
Of the six documentary films I've made, this is the one that involved the most time, effort, and collaboration from other talented people. Shot over four years, Resistencia follows three members of Honduras' landless farmers' movement as they take control of the plantations of the most powerful man in Honduras. All in the midst of the first coup d'état in Central America in three decades. It is without doubt the most daring act I've witnessed in my life.
Overthrown president Mel Zelaya visits the occupied plantations of the Aguan.


The film has already received standing ovations at the Quebec Film Festival (RVCQ) in Montréal, the International Political Cinema Festival (FICIP) in Buenos Aires, alongside presentations in Austria, US, UK, and of course Honduras.
It was seen on millions of televisions throughout Latin America, Spain and the United States in a primetime broadcast on teleSUR (the world's largest Spanish-language public broadcaster).
And now, for two weeks, you can see it free online.
RVCQ Ovación de pie
Applause from 300-strong at the Grande Bibliothèque in Montréal.


The movement is back in the streets with a new tactic. Marches every Friday night, with torches in hand, demanding the immediate resignation of a president who both supported and inherited the coup.
Friday Torch March in Tegucigalpa
Our hope is that the timely release of this film can help bring attention to this ongoing struggle for justice. So please watch it, share it, and get the fight for land and democracy in Honduras on the radar.
"The people in the country go right on taking back more of their land and reclaiming it as a source of life rather than death. These people need no aid. They need simply to be allowed to live." - Review of Resistencia by David Swanson in Counterpunch
Honduran troops, funded and supplied by the US and Canadian governments, raid the house of an anti-coup activist in Resistencia.


Organize a presentation yourself. Just head to the screenings page and scroll down to "Host a screening". Extra points if you or your organization want to do something in the Sept-Nov zone when we go on our fall tour.
Felix Molina interviewing Rigors farmers
Félix Molina, a journalist, a character in Resistencia and a personal mentor seen here interviewing members of the farmers' movement.
This is the story so enormous and so important it forced me to make my first feature film. I hope you get half as inspired watching it as I got making it.
Nothing but the best.
Director of Resistencia: The Fight for the Aguan Valley
PS - This film was made possible by donations from 315 amazing individuals during a crowdfunding campaign back in 2012. Not to mention all the other ways people contributed to this project. Support projects you like!

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