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[Biofuelwatch] Biofuelwatch July Newsletter and new MP Alert!

Biofuelwatch July Newsletter and MP Alert
Biofuelwatch July Newsletter
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Dear subscriber. Welcome to the July edition of our newsletter. Read on for news of our campaigns and of the campaigns we support.

In this newsletter:

  1. MP Alert: Lobby your MP to end Biomass subsidies!
  2. New report on Biomass Gasification and Pyrolysis
  3. Action taken to oppose new White Rose CCS power station
  4. Protest held at Green Investment Bank Annual Review
  5. SOS (Save our Southern) Forests tour in the US

Interested in hosting a talk about the impacts of biomass power stations, biofuels, or large-scale bioenergy in general?  Please contact us and we will try and get a speaker.

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1. MP Alert: Lobby your MP to end biomass subsidies!

Take action here!

The new Conservative government has appointed a lot of new ministers who have never been lobbied on bioenergy issues. The best way to bring our campaigns to these ministers' attention, is to get Members of Parliament to write to them with their constituents' concerns about the impacts of bioenergy.

So we are asking you, our supporters, to convince your MP to do this. This is a great way to raise awareness of the issues, as many MPs may not have heard about the impacts of bioenergy either. And if an MP gets more than one letter on an issue it really moves it up the agenda!

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3. Action taken to oppose new White Rose CCS power station

A Giant White Elephant delivers over 110,000 signatures against White Rose CCS power station at Drax.

Read our article "Blazing a trail of deception: the White Rose Project and 'Negative emissions' technologies" published by Open Democracy here.
On 18 June, White Rosie helped us deliver a petition to the Department of Energy and Climate Change signed by 113,708 people against public funds of up to £1bn being used to fund the proposed White Rose Carbon Capture and Storage coal power at Drax in Yorkshire.

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5. SOS (Save our Southern) Forests tour in the US

Over the course of two weeks, the Dogwood Alliance (US NGO), travelled 2,200 miles through 8 states, held 10 community events in 6 different cities and, with the help of 37 diverse partner organizations, reached thousands of people, and generated key media hits.

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2. New report on Biomass Gasification and Pyrolysis

Biofuelwatch has just published a new report by co-director Almuth Ernsting on Biomass Gasification and Pyrolysis (so-called "advanced conversion technologies") in the UK. In addition, a series of questions in the form of an Open Letter to the Green Investment Bank has also been published, highlighting serious concerns about the 'due diligence' carried out by GIB when funding a biomass gasifier. Also available at the above link is an Executive Summary and a Map of Gasification projects in the UK.

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4. Protest held at Green Investment Bank Annual Review

As part of our ongoing "Banking on Big Biomass" campaign, Biofuelwatch and the UK Without Incineration Network, picketed the Green Investment Bank's (GIB) Annual Review event on Thursday the 25th of June. Two members of Biofuelwatch attended the event, handed the Open Letter to Lord Smith (GIB Chairman), and asked questions about GIB's due diligence in choosing to back biomass gasification (hugely inefficient and unproven) and their choice of delivery partners, Nexterra and Carbonarius.

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