Friday, July 31, 2015

[biofuelwatch] Petition from Stop OGM Pacific : Stop GM Papaya Contamination

PETITION: STOP GM PAPAYA CONTAMINATION  For a moratorium on importated papaya seeds to New Caledonia         In February of 2014, the New Caledonian Government passed an order to  ban the importation of GM fruit seeds, including papaya, into the  territory. The ban was put into place in August of 2014. Nevertheless,  this new law went nearly unnoticed: no debate on this serious issue…are  there GM papaya plants in New Caledonia?      In spite of repeated demands, the institutions of New Caledonia have  continued to turn a political blind eye regarding the presence of  possible GM papaya plants in the territory and the probable  contamination to the traditional local papayas. For several years now,  the Office of Agriculture Development of the Southern Province have  recommended using papaya seeds from the Hawaiian SunUp variety, the  infamous GM papaya developed by the University of Hawaii.          The importation of seeds, and the contamination of local papaya plants  is of no doubt, now is the time to inform the population in order to  take the necessary steps to stop it. Moreover, given the risks of  contamination and the spreading of GM papaya everywhere, it is no longer  reasonable to continue to import papaya seeds into New Caledonia at all,  even if they are not considered GMO.          In Hawaii, 90% of papaya production is GM, with two varieties, SunUP  and Rainbow (papayas with red flesh and under the brand name of Sunrise).      50% of the non-GM papaya plants grown in Hawaii have been  contaminated by their GM counterparts.      China has been authorized to grow another GM variety, called Huaong  No 1, since 2006.      There have been GM papaya trials conducted in Thailand, Indonesia,  and the Phillipines, and probably also in India, Brazil, and Nigeria.      Papaya contamination has been reported in Taiwan, China, Hong-Kong,  and Fiji.      GM Papaya is regularly detected in food products in Europe, even  with the current restrictions against GMOs! The European Commission has  now asked for stricter testing in the exporting countries such as Thailand.      Co-existence is IMPOSSIBLE !  And it will ruin the economies of the Pacific Island nations. We invite  Pacific Islanders to join our appeal.          By signing this petition, I ask to the New Caledonian authorities:          Disclose information publically on the past importation of GM  Papayas in New Caledonia.      Make an official assessment on the actual contamination in the  territory.      Impose a moratorium on the importation of papaya seeds in New  Caledonia.                              


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