Thursday, July 9, 2015

[biofuelwatch] Re: White House rejects biomass as carbon neutral

Good , long awaited news.
Will they , the EPA ,also acknowledge the severe health problems associated with the chemicals in the chimney fallout due to biomass burning ? Worse than coal. We need to stop talking global warming and start talking global pollution ( which includes CO2 ).
And will Europe now acknowledge and change the subsidy rules to encourage the real clean energies like solar and well placed wind   ?? Noting also  the carbon footprints of the choices before us. 
Here the present French Government , uses EU and French subsidies to unnecessarily promote the  burning of  local and imported biomass, so destroying the forests and their precious biodiversity. And what about bioethanol and UK/ European  policy?
In hope from our solar PV and PVT hybrid ( electricity and heat ) roofed  home , virtually self sufficient for energy, with our  all electric car( Renault Zoe)- enjoying free direct energy from the sun , in SW France. .We estimate that over 30 years(the life of our PV panels ) the energy from our PV will equate to saving 90 hectares of forest; and with no pollution. 
Helen and Brian Hurley. Riberac France  The host country to COP21 ( or will it be COP OUT 21-as the G7/8 have already declared )   . In hope


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