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Join delegates from ABS CBN Convergence, Unilab, SeaOil, 3M, Filinvest and many others at the 5th Happy at Work Conference: Building a Culture of Character

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People who are at the helm of a business should know that the secret to building a high-performing culture is character. The quality of an organization's culture directly affects its successes and failures. To effectively secure a business culture that consistently delivers extraordinary results and outperforms competition, leaders of an organization should look to the character of their people - the bedrock to forming self-governing, high-performing people.
This year's Happy at Work Conference focuses on building an organizational culture that lasts - and it is one that is founded on character. 


Leaders, decision-makers, and culture changers committed to championing organizational culture will discover:

  • the challenges of creating a high-performing organization;
  • a new framework that can help organizations outperform competition;
  • where an organization stands in comparison to global people management standards and strategies;
  • expert advice on aligning people development plans to business strategies;
  • how a personal leadership model can help create self-governing and high-performing people; and
  • the benefits of having character as an organization's foundation to building a winning culture.


Laying the Foundation: Why Character Counts 
in Culture Building 

Ron is the foremost authority on authentic success and authentic leadership. He is the co-founder and currently the chairman of Future Achievement International, an organization that pioneered the first character-based human capital solutions in the world proven to increase productivity and enhance commitment.

  • Ron is a thought leader in personal leadership. His organization's character-based human capital solutions are now used by a number of multinational companies and large corporations in the US. 
  • His expertise in personal leadership in the US and around the world made him to be known as America's Life Coach.
  • His bestselling book, Achieving Authentic Success®, has sold nearly 500,000 copies worldwide and has been translated into several languages. He also authored the book,Make a Life, Not Just a Living.
  • Ron has spoken about leadership principles to the top Parliament members in Uganda, 20,000 business people in India, and corporate and institutional leaders in the US, Latin America, and Europe.
Ron's Key Talking Points:
  • People and Performance: Finding the Connection Between Developing People and Driving Performance
  • Character Counts: Why Competency is Never Enough
  • Defining Personal Leadership Effectiveness™ (PLE): How PLE Can Help Develop Self-Governing and High-Performing People
  • Building a Winning Culture through PLE

Designing a High-Performance Organization


Janet is the chairman of Investors in People Philippines, an organization that provides advice, assessment services and learning to help companies align their people management strategies with their business priorities. She has a long experience in HR management, going back to the origins of IiP in the United Kingdom. 

  • Janet is a qualified Investors in People practitioner, quality manager and trainer, and is also a member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.
  • She has extensive networks in the UK and internationally, operating in the areas of HR and management consulting, organizational development, coaching and mentoring, and learning and development.
  • She holds a diploma in personnel management, an honors degree in English and an MBA from Manchester University UK.
  • Janet is an accredited Thinking Environment Facilitator and Time to Think Coach. She was given a Merit award in her diploma in coaching and mentoring from Oxford School of Coaching and Mentoring UK.
Janet's Key Talking Points:
  • Precise Definition of a High-Performing Organization
  • Five Factors for Outperforming Competition 
  • Focusing Organizational Efforts for High-Performance
  • Human Capital Analytics as an Essential Tool for High-Performing Organizations
These select people from the Asian Center of Trainers & Speakers (ACTS) will be marshals and facilitators for the exciting group activities we will have during the conference. Read below for their strengths and expertise.
Gen Y Motivation and Leadership, Strategy
Positive Psychology, Personal Potential
Emotional Intelligence or EQ, Leadership
Lean Leadership and Management
Servant Leadership, Management
Education, Psychology
Servant Leadership, Educational Leadership

Organizational Development, Communication
Human Resources, Organizational Development
General Management, Employee Management and Motivation





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5th Happy at Work Conference 

Building a Culture of Character

July 28, 2015 | 9:00 am to 5:00 pm | 

SMX Convention Center Aura, Taguig City

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You can pre-order your copies of Achieving Authentic Success® 
, personally signed by the author, Dr. Ron Jenson, at P400 each only. Your copies will be ready on the event date when you pay on or before the event date. Email us atinquiry@saltandlight.ph 
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Definition of terms: Team Learning Rate is Php 1,500 off the Regular Rate of Php 9,477 +VAT. Preferential seating is table appointment for 10 participants nearest the stage. This is on a first come first served basis. Event collaterals are welcome banner, stage backdrop, and conference manual. Samples are limited to dry samples. Fliers and samples should be given to the organizer one week before event date for letter shopping.




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  • Conference manual
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  • AM & PM snacks
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  4. Conference participation may be transferred to another person in the same company.
  5. If you wish to move your reservation to another conference or seminar happening within the calendar year, please note that the rate of your updated conference/seminar choice will be applied. Should the prevailing rate be higher than the initial learning investment already paid for, please settle the balance prior to the conference/seminar date.
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  • For invoice concerns, please call Irene at (02) 889-1111 local 765.

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*For zero-rated or VAT exempt companies, please include your Certificate of Exemption. Provide Form 2307 or Certificate of Tax Withheld if payment done with tax withheld. Please withhold only 2% as we are classified as suppliers or contractors of services.


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