Friday, August 28, 2015

[biofuelwatch] Do Liberals Hate Biofuels?

In this piece, an advocate for the biofuels industry speaks openly and honestly about the politics of biofuels. Relevant also to the stances of many environmental groups.


Do Liberals Hate Biofuels?

- by Douglas L. Faulkner, August 27, 2015, Biofuels Digest

"[C]old political calculations and a willingness by more moderate elected Democratic officeholders to throw a broad net over the "green" label mean the left generally won't publicly attack biofuels and will even occasionally pursue some beneficial policies for the industry in other contexts – – just not too much and too loudly."


--   Editor, The Biomass Monitor  Editor, Energy Justice Now


Posted by: Josh Schlossberg <>


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