Sunday, August 2, 2015

[biofuelwatch] Please Sign:On to help keep GE Trees out of New Zealand

Kia ora from Aotearoa, New Zealand

Following in the footsteps of the Brazilian government who earlier this year approved the release of GMO Eucalyptus trees against the wishes of the people of Brazil, the government of New Zealand is set to make a similar move by removing local authority over the release of GE Trees and handing that authority to a central government department that will be managed by a GE advocate.

At a global level, we are mindful that acceptance of the release of GE Trees in New Zealand is said to be a key strategic goal for the GE Tree industry.

At home, this is an attack on our proud history of local democracy as much as it is an attack on New Zealand's native biodiversity.

New Zealand became Nuclear Free through local councils saying NO to nuclear technology and GE Free New Zealand has successfully beaten back attempts to release GE organisms by defeating the companies regionally and in the courts. The government is set to remove this essential layer of precautionary based protection from us on behalf of the corporate interests that are lobbying them.

Please join in supporting and joining the efforts of GE Free New Zealand, The New Zealand Green Party, The New Zealand Labour Party, our local communities, and globally; environmental, indigenous and social justice networks and organisations representing hundreds of millions of people in rejecting moves to allow the unnecessary release of GE Trees.

We ask you to support us by endorsing the following statement, by adding the name of your organization to the list of signatories by Friday the 7th of August.


I demand that a moratorium is placed on any further development, field trialling or release of GE trees in Aotearoa New Zealand.

The full extent of their social and ecological risks have not been assessed. All plantings of GE trees, whether field trials or plantations, are currently prohibited and should remain so.

I support and join the efforts of all people, organizations and social movements globally in rejecting all GE trees outright and declaring that GE trees will only worsen, not help address, the multiple crises we face.

Signed; [Your Organisation]

Your organisation can Sign:On here at

Many thanks!

Gary Cranston
On behalf of GE Free New Zealand


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