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[biofuelwatch] Questions Linger Over Denver Zoo’s Plan to Convert Trash, Manure to Energy (and Ash & Emissions)

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Questions Linger Over Denver Zoo's Plan to Convert Trash, Manure to Energy

- by Josh Schlossberg, August 31, 2015, Glendale Cherry Creek Chronicle

The Denver Zoo is more than halfway through the construction of a first-of-its-kind energy facility to be fueled by elephant manure and trash – including plastic and food scraps – that would provide twenty percent of the Zoo's electricity, and heat its elephant exhibit.

The self-described "greenest zoo in the country" is framing its plan to convert millions of pounds of annual waste into an alternative fuel source as an environmental leap forward that will help it achieve its goal of Zero Waste by 2025.

Critics, however, including local residents, the Rocky Mountain Chapter of the Sierra Club, the former director of the American Environmental Health Studies Project, and a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) scientist, voice concerns ranging from air pollution, undermining of recycling and composting efforts, and environmental justice issues.

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