Tuesday, December 8, 2015

[Biofuelwatch] Biofuelwatch festive funding appeal: can you help?

Biofuelwatch festive funding appeal: can you help?
Biofuelwatch funding appeal: can you help?
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Native forest in the southern US: under threat from UK biomass policies.  Photo: Dogwood Alliance
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The UK is burning more imported wood pellets for electricity than any other country in the world.  Much of those pellets come from the southern US, where biodiverse native wetland forests are under threat from the rush for biomass.  Forests which are home to thousands of plant and animal species, some of them found nowhere else on the planet, are being clearcut at a rapid pace and pellets made from those clearcut forests are being burned by Drax power station in England.  Yet Drax is on track to getting £1.8 million in subsidies every single day - paid by all of us via our electricity bills.

Biofuelwatch has been working hard to end this madness but we rely on support and funding to be able to do so.

Delegates from most of the world's countries are currently meeting at the COP21 climate talks in Paris. Whatever deal is reached, we know that what is needed to avert catastrophic climate change is a massive programme of investment in genuine renewables and energy conservation. Big biomass has no part to play in a responsible energy policy.

Please consider making a donation to Biofuelwatch, to help us campaign against big biomass, and to push for subsidies to be granted instead to genuine low-carbon renewables. 

Thank you very much!

See here to read about our work in 2015. 

Find out about our priorities for 2016

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Threatened black bear takes a rest outside the Drax AGM, April 2015
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