Thursday, December 3, 2015

[biofuelwatch] Re: Report warns of science-fiction solution being promoted at Paris Cli

Crazy –Our children's lives and also the precious earth's nature of which we are part , in their hands !!?
No, only bottom up actions by citizens  can save us.
Clean energy solutions ,all of which exist thanks to the sun, particularly the one direct solution ( solar ) are in place amongst 300, 000 homeowners in France ,  despite the combustion lobbies efforts. 
Typically  our home is nearly solar energy self sufficient from solar panels (including hybrid electricity /thermal ) on our roof; these also recharge our electric car . To get the same energy from a wood fired power station would need the destruction of 3.5 hectares of forest per annum. Next  year with domestic Tesla type storage batteries we hope to become 95% self sufficient, just  using the structure in which we live ( photo and statistics available on request ). We don't need Bill Gates to teach the average citizen simple science –see David Mackay's book "sustainable Energy without the hot air" -free on line at .
Keep up the good work .
Helen and Brian Hurley, Ribérac  SW France


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