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[biofuelwatch] Re: Destructive biofuels and wood-based biomass out of next Renewable En

Here in France too the policy reflects the distorted  unscientific rules and grants  from Europe so the norm has become burn the forests , pretend replantation with monocultures (where promises are fulfilled )is renewable and ignore the pollution costs to the health of people and biodiversity itself; blame diesel cars for fine particles etc. with occasional stop gap remedies in cities. .   All this to  keep the inefficient combustion processes  lobbies happy.
Despite lack of grants and tax breaks however many like ourselves have invested in self sufficient dual function (roofing  and solar captors ) panels to use free clean energy direct from sunlight to have near autonomy  of heat for domestic space and water , and electricity for domestic circuits and the  charging of  our all electric car.
We have 10 fellow direct sun and good science worshippers /users . Between us the free direct energy we get is equivalent, over 30 years ( the life of solar panels). to burning 30 hectares of forest per annum . Is it not time for a massive coordinated campaign to promote the direct sun solutions available . Fuller details available on request . It is urgent before the combustion lobbies get governments to protect their interests by imposing sanctions against individual self sufficiency such as false building regulations which favour wood burning  , the taxing of the free electricity and heat available from installations like ours.
The big networked power systems fed from central stations like Drax, 58 Nuclear stations in France , etc.,not only benefit just the shareholders and  boardroom members but also serve to  keep we individuals enslaved in their networked power monopolies . That is why so much lobbying in Brussels serves the big businesses and at the same time misinforms the public and gullible ( complicit perhaps ) politicians regarding the individual self sufficiency solutions . Solid science needs to be promoted .
Best wishes Brian Hurley. Riberac  24600 SW France


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