Wednesday, April 20, 2016

[biofuelwatch] POINT-COUNTERPOINT: Advanced Biofuels

Starting in the April issue of The Biomass Monitor, we're now running point-counterpoint opinion pieces on various aspects of bioenergy to encourage a bit of healthy debate and broaden our audience.

If you aren''t already subscribed to The Biomass Monitor (and why not?), here are the latest pieces. Leave a comment if you''re inspired to do so.



PRO: "Advanced Biofuels: Nothing's Perfect, But There's A Lot of Good," by Joanne Ivancic, executive director of Advanced Biofuels USA.

CON:  "Advanced Biofuels: The Vast Taxpayer Cost of Failed Cellulosic and Algal Biofuels," by Almuth Ernsting, co-director of Biofuelwatch.


Posted by: Josh Schlossberg <>


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