Monday, August 29, 2016

[Biofuelwatch] Bring Monsanto to Justice - support the Monsanto Tribunal!

Bring Monsanto to Justice - support the Monsanto Tribunal!
Support the Monsanto Tribunal
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Bring Monsanto to Justice - support the Monsanto Tribunal!

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From 14th - 16th October this year, there is an unprecedented international action to bring Monsanto to justice - the Monsanto Tribunal - and it needs our help and support. 

Biofuelwatch is officially supporting this important environmental justice campaign as an organisation, but they need more support from individuals in order to raise funds and raise awareness. Can you donate to the Tribunal and spread the word?

Monsanto has a hundred year-long history of threatening life, human and otherwise, on this planet. Its dossier of products reads like a list of scandals of the 20th Century; starting out as an industrial chemical company, it was a major manufacturer of plastics in the 1920s to 1940s. In the latter half of the century, it produced
Agent Orange, DDT, PCBs (a highly persistent pollutant that affects fertility), and bovine growth hormone.

However, its most infamous products are its line of glyphosate-resistant GMO crops, called "Roundup ready", sold alongside the pesticide "Roundup". These crops have devastating effects: as well as the real danger to biodiversity through overuse of the pesticide and hybridisation of the GMO crops with wild plants, the seeds are patented, forcing farmers to buy them afresh every year. This has caused numerous social problems, driving small farmers out of business and decimating traditional farming methods.

It has proven incredibly difficult to hold Monsanto accountable for their actions, as they've effectively avoided justice through lobbying regulators and government, pressuring scientists and the press and settling out of court with those who bring cases against them.

However this is set to change with the independent Monsanto Tribunal and Peoples' Assembly at the Hague in October. The tribunal is gathering testimonies against Monsanto from people all over the world, which will be presented by top lawyers. A panel of international judges will hear the evidence, and hand down a verdict on whether Monsanto has violated the human rights to food, health, a safe environment and freedom of scientific research. It will also judge whether Monsanto has been complicit in war crimes and can be said to have committed ecocide.

The judges will not be able to convict Monsanto, but the ruling could have a massive effect, setting a precedent to bringing justice to other victims of multinationals, and possibly paving the way for an international law against ecocide.

However, the Tribunal still needs to secure funds to go ahead. To help ensure this important Tribunal takes place, you can:

By uniting from all over the world, we can spell the beginning of the end for Monsanto!

Thank you,

The Biofuelwatch Team

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