Monday, December 5, 2016

[Biofuelwatch] Please help prevent a biomass power station and a serious planning injustice in Scotland (for people in Scotland only)

Important alert for subscribers based in Scotland
Based in Scotland?  Help stop a biomass power station being approved under the guise of a 'film studio' application
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Dear all,

This is an alert for people living in Scotland only - though if you live elsewhere but can help forward it to others in Scotland, that would be really helpful!

Biofuelwatch has recently found out about a particularly concerning planning case in which a developer has retrospectively included a potentially very large biomass power station in an application for a 'film studio'.  The application is about to be decided by the Scottish Government. 

Local residents and their community council have long been opposed to a proposal for a film studio located on prime agricultural land in the greenbelt around Edinburgh. 'Development' of the site would lead too the eviction of a longstanding farming family. Recently, however, residents discovered that the developer had slipped a proposal for a potentially very large biomass power station into the film studio application, long after the official public consultation had closed.  

If this application was approved it would constitute a particularly serious case of planning injustice: planning policies across the UK already make it very difficult for communities to try and stop dirty and unsustainable developments, even on greenbelt land. Yet in this case, a developer could end up with permission to build a polluting biomass power station without any public consultation, and without any assessment of environmental impacts whatsoever. If the Scottish Government were to approve the application, it would set a very dangerous precedent!

See here for a a briefing about the proposal and the reasons why it must be thrown out.

Please can you write a short personalised email to your MSPs today with a copy of our briefing.  Please urge them to call on the Scottish Minister for Local Government and Housing, Kevin Stewart, to reject the developer's Planning Appeal (PPA-290-2032).  Click here to find out who your MSPs are and how to contact them.  Many thanks!

The Biofuelwatch Team
The Damhead farm which would be destroyed for this development
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