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[Biofuelwatch] One week to go until #Axe Drax protests in London and York

#AxeDrax protests 13 April 2017
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Dear Supporters,
It is now one week before Drax's AGM and two simultaneous protests calling to #AxeDrax, one in York (outside the AGM), the other in London (outside the offices of Drax's two biggest investors, Invesco and Schroders). Please come along to York or London if you can and please help us spread the word!

#AxeDrax protest in London

London protest:
Please join a colourful #AxeDrax protest outside the offices of Drax's two biggest investors. We will be meeting at 12 noon outside the offices of Schroders, 31 Gresham Street, London EC2V 7QA. After listening to some speeches, we will be walking across to Invesco's offices, 125 London Wall, EC2Y 5AS
Please see and share the Facebook page for the London protest.

London "Biomassive" campaigners are planning a banner painting and prop making session this Sunday, 9th April - if you're free and would like to join then please email us at for details. And please feel free to bring your own banners and placards, too.

#AxeDrax protest in York

Please meet from 10.30 am outside Drax's AM at the Royal York Hotel (soon to be called "The Principal York"), Station Road, York YO24 1AA, to leaflet shareholders as they enter the AGM and as they leave at 2pm. There will be a media photo call at 1pm. 

This banner protest is oranised by Yorkshire campaigners against dirty energy, together with Coal Action Network. Please bring banenrs, placards and lots of friends.

Click here to see and share the Facebook event page here.

Why Drax?

Drax power station is the UK's single biggest emitter of cabron dioxide. Last year, it burned pellets made from over 13 million tonnes of wood. By comparison, the UK only produces a total of 10.8 million tonnes of wood annually. US conservation NGOs have shown that many of Drax's pellets come from clearcut biodiverse coastal wetland forests in the southern US, which form part of the newest Biodiversity Hotspot. This is disastrous for biodiversity, and bad news for the climate, too. Drax also burned 2.9 million tonnes of coal in 2016, most of it from Colombia, where small farmers and indigenous communities have been evicted to make way for opencast coal mines and where others have seen their food and air polluted, their freshwater depleted and are facing malnutrition and ill health as a result. 

Recently, Drax has acquired Opus Energy and plans for four new gas power stations. So they've now expanded their portfolio to include three dirty energy sources!
We believe that energy subsidies must go towards clean, low-carbon renewable energy such as sustainable wind and solar power, and towards energy efficiency and conservation, Renewable energy (or for that matter any other) subsidies must never go to dirty energy which worsens climate change, destroys forests or harms communities, all of which Drax is doing.

For more information, see our Axe Drax campaign page.
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  1. Will support as much as possible to the #AxeDrax protest, but i am not available in both the London and York protest, but still you people have my support!


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