Monday, February 12, 2018

[biofuelwatch] Say no to new subsidies for wood power stations and waste incinerators!

Say no to new subsidies for wood power stations and waste incinerators
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Dear all,

The UK Government has opened a crucial consultation about future subsidies for renewable electricity subsidies. We believe that such subsidies must go to genuinely low-carbon renewable energy such as wind and solar power - not to cutting down yet more trees to burn in power station or to waste incineration.

Unfortunately, the Government is not consulting about stopping new subsidies for biomass and waste incineration altogether. However, it has made proposals which would go some way in that direction. It is asking for your opinion on whether to stop funding funding new plants that don't reach at least 70% efficiency, and whether to make it harder for import-reliant biomass plants to attract subsidies in future. It is also asking for your opinion about supporting new low-efficiency waste incinerators and biomass burners classed as 'advanced conversion technologies' - something we believe is unacceptable.

It is vital that people concerned about forest-destroying biomass plants and waste incinerators make their voice heard.

Please tell the Government what you think before the consultation closes on 9th March. Please go to to find more information and a pre-drafted letter you can send. Many thanks!

The Biofuelwatch Team

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