Saturday, April 28, 2018

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Dear Biofuelwatch supporter
We won't be able to email you ANY petitions, letters to sign or news after 25 May 2018 unless you ask us to, by simply replying to this email.

Why? New data protection laws in the European Union are coming into force this spring. That means we need you to re-confirm by replying to this email that you want to receive emails from us, we promise never more than four a month.

Thousands of you have responded to our e-alerts and we know that this has made a real difference. Biofuelwatch is a tiny, lean, passionate NGO. But our passionate supporters are some of our most powerful assets. Together we are almost the only people campaigning on these issues in the UK.​ A government document recently said, 'biomass remains a high profile generation technology,' citing 'concerns from NGOs on the effects of sourcing the biomass fuel required to support large scale generation'

Our efforts and work are multiplied and given force when you support, sign, share them. That's why we want to make sure we can still tell you about our campaigns that need your support, so you can continue to help make a difference. 

Please reply to this email without changing the contents or the subject line to agree to keep receiving emails from us.

We hope you choose to stay in touch.

Thank you,

Almuth, Deepak, Duncan and Fran

The Biofuelwatch Team. 

P.S. You have until 25 May to re-confirm that you want to receive emails from Biofuelwatch, but it's easiest to do it right now. Just hit 'reply' and then 'send'. Thank you.

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