Tuesday, July 22, 2014

[biofuelwatch] Fuelling the Future - aviation biofuels discussion paper

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A UK aviation group, the Sustainable Aviation Council, has published a discussion paper 'Fuelling the Future', and is inviting comments. The paper calls for government support for aviation biofuels, ostensibly to contribute to EU climate policy goals. The report calls for $6 billion investment in refining capacity alone, to produce aviation biofuel, and for EU governments to grant aviation biofuels the same incentives that are given for surface transport. The paper makes the usual arguments for biofuels, claiming the industry is cognisant of problems with existing feedstocks such as competing with food supplies, and contributing to deforestation. It calls for 'advanced', 'sustainable' fuels (the word 'sustainable' is appears about 127 times) made from waste, gases and algae. The consultation period ends on 17 October 2014. This is the discussion paper:



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