Monday, May 21, 2018

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Over the next two years we will see
  • UK decisions made about the future of renewable energy subsidies in the UK: We're working hard to ensure that there'll be plenty of support for genuinely low-carbon, no-burn renewables and an end to those for burning biomass in power stations as well as for waste incineration;
  • More coal phaseout announcements across Europe, which is good news -  but also a risk of a massive increase in wood pellet burning if more coal plants are converted to biomass rather than being shut down, as they ought to be - we're working with allies in different countries to support campaigning to stop this from happening;
  • More hype about Bioenergy with Carbon Capture and Storage (BECCS)as a 'climate saviour' as it's becoming increasingly clear that catastrophic climate change won't be avoided with business as usual: We're working with allies to expose the myths that massively scaling up bioenergy use can mitigate climate change and that BECCS is a viable proposition;
  • Important decisions about the use of biofuels in aircraft: We are deeply worried that we could see a large new biofuel market being created, one which would almost certainly have to rely on palm oil.
Those are just some of important developments which Biofuelwatch is trying to influence.

If we want to avoid the worst impacts of climate change, we need to rapidly end fossil fuel burning and at the same time protect and help restore forests and other biodiverse ecosystems, including healthy soils. Big bioenergy means sacrificing forests and other ecosystems and depleting soils in a misguided attempt to keep our fossil-fuel based energy model intact, merely subsituting wood, cereals and vegetable oils for coal and oil (although even the most destructive, vast-scale use of biomass can only ever replace a small fraction of fossil fuels burned today). The debate about bioenergy is thus central to the future of our climate, as well as the future of biodiversity, of agriculture and food, and - given the huge land requirements of bioenergy - the future of land rights and rights of Indigenous peoples, forest-dependent people and small farmers worldwide.

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