Monday, May 29, 2017

[Biofuelwatch] Write to your election candidates: Get serious about energy and climate change and stop damaging subsidies!

Write to your election candidates: Get serious about energy and climate change and stop damaging subsidies!
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Write to your election candidates: ask them to get serious about climate change

Write to your candidates now!
Dear Supporter,
You will have noticed that climate change and energy issues​ are almost absent in discussions leading up to this election. Please do your bit to rectify this by cutting and pasting the following letter into an email to your election candidates, asking them to commit to supporting some key policies​. 
You ​can find your parliamentary candidates ​here:​. You can find their email addresses by clicking 'Learn more' against each candidate's entry.
​It would be great if you could forward any replies to​.
Please personalise your email with their name​ and​ ​add​ any​ local issues that are relevant.​​ ​Don't forget to add your name and address at the end. MPs will only respond to constituents and candidates may take the same line.​
    Thank you on behalf of Biofuelwatch and UK Without Incineration Network 


    Dear [candidate name],
    ​​I am deeply concerned at the relegation of energy and climate change as issues at this election.​ The UK claims to be a 'climate leader' and has committed to stopping subsidies to fossil fuels and industries that harm biodiversity. Yet every year it gives hundreds of millions to the fossil fuel industry, forest destroying biomass and incineration. This election is a chance to change the way we do energy, reducing emissions, protecting the environment and building resilience.
    I would like you to commit to supporting strong action on climate change, and an urgent end to subsidies for all destructive forms of energy. This would include fossil fuel subsidies such as Capacity Market payments for coal, gas and diesel, as well as support given to the fracking and shale gas industry and large-scale bio-energy. ​Subsidy should be moved to energy conservation and efficiency and to genuine low carbon, low cost renewables such as wind and solar.​
    Further I ask you to commit to:
    • an end to subsidy for biomass electricity which wasted £800m of bill payers' money last year on burning mostly imported trees, which makes climate change worse, damages forests and biodiversity and pollutes communities.
    • ​an end to subsidy and tax breaks for fossil fuels. In 2018/19 coal gas and diesel generators will receive £730m. Tax breaks to offshore oil and gas are even greater.​
    • an​​ end to subsidy for ​waste incineration and gasification ​(sometimes called 'energy from waste') ​which is hugely inefficient, polluting and burns much that is recyclable and re-useable.
    • and an​​ urgent coal phase-out without loopholes​ which include ​allow​ing​ operators to continue​ burning coal​​ indefinitely​ if they burn some wood as well.
    On the positive side I ask you to commit to:
    • re-instating government support for genuinely low carbon, low cost renewables such as onshore wind and solar, and
    • serious government investment on energy conservation and efficiency to reduce our long term energy dependency.
    If you have any questions on biomass​ please get in touch with For more information on energy from waste please see the UK Without Incineration Network website ( And for information about the coal phase-out see the Climate Action Network and Biofuelwatch joint briefing at
    I look forward to hearing from you and perhaps supporting you, depending on your answers.
    Yours sincerely
    ​[your name]
    [and address]​
    In addition here are some suggested hustings questions should you attend any:
    1. ​​Will you​ advocate for and​ support ​a strong focus on addressing climate change​?
    2. ​Meeting climate targets will require a fundamental reform of energy policies, including ​serious investment in energy conservation and efficiency and renewed support for genuine low carbon, low cost renewables like onshore wind and solar. It will also require ending environmentally harmful subsidies for bio-energy​, waste incineration and fossil fuels. Will you commit to advocating and supporting​ this?
    3. ​The current proposals to phase out coal by 2025 are too slow and include loopholes allowing operators to continue​ burning coal​ indefinitely if they ​burn some biomass​ as well​​.​​ ​Will you commit to pushing for an urgent coal phase-out without ​loopholes?
    4. ​​Waste incineration is inefficient, high carbon and dangerously polluting. It reduces re-use and recycling rates, and costs the tax payer more in the long run. Will you commit to removing subsidies and other support for it?
    2017 Biofuelwatch

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